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Purpose: To release the power of scholarship and service through research and instruction in "Civics".

According to a report "A Crises in Civic Education" published by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni the 2010 administration of the federally sponsored National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) civics test only confirmed that the decade had seen little improvement in the civic knowledge of K–12 students. While nearly all 12th graders reported studying civics, only 24% scored at the 4 American Council of Trustees and Alumni “proficient” level or above. Indeed, 36% did not even reach a “basic” achievement level, indicating that they were unable to “describe forms of political participation available in a democracy” or “provide simple interpretations of nontext-based information such as maps, charts, tables, graphs, and cartoons.


We are an Oklahoma 501(c)(3) nonprofit research and education institution dedicated to the study of civics. We seek to understand and promote citizenship, its rights, and responsibilities in a constitutional republic. We believe responsible citizenship stems from a deep understanding of governance principles, and living by those principles enables the creation of sustainable institutions, effective and efficient public policy, and caring problem resolution. We invite you to join us on the journey!


Mission: To enable responsible citizenship, ethical behavior, and social entrepreneurship, in a constitutional republic; through the study and dissemination of the principles of civics, emphasizing ethical and moral behavior and free market economic principles.


Values that drive our ethics: We value the sanctity of life, law, liberty, and learning


Current Contemplations

An interesting scenario might be playing out in the current election cycle. I am not sure how to refer to this scenario other than as a democratic revolutionary cycle. This scenario has played out over the ages in many places but perhaps the French revolutions are the best and most familiar example. The pendulum swung back and forth, the “rabble” won the day and overwhelmed the government only to enrich themselves at the expenses of the masses they had promised to redistribute the wealth to. The “rabble” rose up again and toppled another government, with pitchforks and swords rather than with votes, and the pendulum continued to swing. Ultimately war was used to distract the “rabble” and actually pacify and reduce both the number and power of those unfortunate souls that fell into the “rabble” category. Today’s “rabble” as well as the powerful and elite ought to consider history carefully.

I recently posted a paper of mine on property rights and liberty (see below). Perhaps a broader lesson here is that a theory of all rights must be grounded in property rights and interests. Rothbard warns rights can become fuzzy and self-contradictory if we are not careful in our logic. By comprehending all rights as deriving from property rights and contracts, we can avoid the frequent clashes between contradictory “rights” and “freedoms” of today, such as the battle between “religious freedom” and “employee rights” or “LGBT rights.” “This is not to say that these rights and freedoms do not exist, but that they only exist and are compatible with one another as an exercise of underlying property rights.

Archive of Current Contemplations

"In order to develop responsible citizenship, ethical behavior, and social entrepreneurship in a constitutional republic, one individual at a time, we will research, design, develop, and offer instruction in responsible citizenship -"civics" to children, teens, and adults. The end we have in mind: the enabling of responsible citizenship through the study and dissemnation of knowledge emphazing ethical and moral behavior and participation in a free market economy."

Whether you lead or follow, the way to bring the country back to its founding principles and generate the restoration of the U. S. Consitution and the rule of law is to act with honesty, integrity, and honor!

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