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Midwest City Church of God

"Moving forward with Christ in creating life"

9225 S.E. 15TH STREET, MIDWEST CITY, OK 73130 -- 405-737-1381

Please join us in welcoming Rev. Jean Shackleton, Music Evangelist and Artist-in-Residence at MWCHOG, for a concert with her sister Janet Wilson!!! The Rev. Jean and her sister from Portland Oregon, will be in concert on Sunday JUNE 18 at the Midwest City Church of God at 10:30 AM.

Monday, June the 5th is the opening day of Kids HQ a summer camp for kids ages 6-12, running 7:00am to 6:00 pm, ending August the 10th. The Camp Director Jesse Brown has planned a different exciting theme for each week, with plenty of activities, lunch provided. The camp is DHS certified, Jesse has past experience with YMCA summer camps and is joined by husband Jordan Brown as Bus. Manager. For more information call 405-455-6188 or email

Upcoming Events:

Normal Service Schedule - Sunday School 9:30 am Morning Worship 10:30 am.

June 11 Board of Director's meeting

June 18 Father's Day and SPECIAL JEAN SHACKLETON CONERT AT 10:30 AM.

June 20th - 23rd COG Convention, Wichita, KS.

July 2 Church dinner after AM Worship finger food potluck!

July 9 Board of Director's Meeting

August 13th Boardof Director's Meeting

The Messiah - February 2017

Sermon Notes 2016

Deep Thinking & Learning January - 2017

Our purpose is to join Christ in creating life by improving our lives and service to Christ as we prepare the person, place, and path based on faith and faithfulness.

OUR THEOLOGY IS BASED IN THE WESLYAN HOLINESS TRADITION AS UNDERSTOOD BY THE CHURCH OF GOD, ANDERSON, INDIANA with whom we are affiliated as an approved congregation through the Oklahoma Assembly of the Church of God, Inc.

MISSION - A congregation uniquely called to PRAYER, we exist to serve God and society by exalting Christ, upgrading our character and competence and continuously improving our service to Jesus Christ.

VISION - The "Garden" metaphorically, each person as a unique plant, bearing unique fruit where they are planted in fellowship with one another!

Mandates - We value and evaluate all our actions in accordance with the sanctity of life, the sanctity of law, the sanctity of liberty and the sanctity of learning.

Governing Principles - the SOVEREIGNTY of a Supernatural God, the SUFFICIENCY of Christ, the SUPREMACY of the Holy Spirit's creative power, the SUSTAINABILITY of powerful prayer, the SURETY of God's word and the SUPERIORITY of the Spiritual Disciplines as rituals of renewal.

Strategic Objectives - 1) Evangelism undergirded with prayer - prepare, party, proclaim - 2) Education undergirded with prayer - virtue, wellness, citizenship, excellence - 3) Fellowship undergirded with prayer - care, discipleship, harmony.

Strategic Process - 1) Know our story, 2) Think small, 3) Act slowly, 4) Service others, 5) Reflect, 6) Dream

9225 S.E. 15th Street, Midwest City, OK 73130 --- 405-737-1381

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